Many people from different countries dream of becoming permanent residents in Singapore, not only because of the country’s high standard of living but also because there are many Singapore PR benefits they can expect to enjoy. Upon obtaining a permanent resident status, an individual receives their Blue Card and becomes entitled to the following privileges: No visa restrictions. A permanent resident is entitled to unrestricted stay in Singapore. They also have the right to leave
As one of the leading global cities in the world with lots of opportunities to offer, Singapore is one of the places in Asia where many people from all walks of life dream of gaining permanent residency. However, individuals and/or families need to meet certain criteria to be eligible to apply for PR in Singapore. There are four categories under which an applicant might belong: Investors The Global Investor Programme (GIP) is specifically for entrepreneurs who wish to relocate and
Now you have considered to apply for PR in Singapore but still hesitant from going through the whole application process. Consider the situation, what is the important thing to do? Why don’t you talk to the right people about it? Knowing the current government situation it is best that a specialist is aware and knowledgeable enough in giving the best possible solutions that every applicant is concerned about. We take pride in the unending effort
Singapore is one of the most sought countries in Asia for people who seek employment and live in. Not only does Singapore serves as a gateway in (information technology, financial services, service sector, tourism & travel) Singapore also has proven its name in the world in serving a desirable way of life for the public (foreigners, visitors, locals). Recently, a working foreigner in Singapore who wanted to stay and live in Singapore on a permanent
Before considering whether to apply for Permanent Residency in Singapore, a foreigner must first consider whether he/she falls under the categories mentioned below. This article will guide you on how to apply Singapore PR, go through the categories below that best suits your needs and under which circumstances before lodging your Singapore PR application. An Employment Pass holder is eligible to apply if he/she is working in Singapore for at least 6 months. (As part
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