What is National Service for Second-Generation Singapore PRs?

What is National Service for Second-Generation Singapore PRs?

What-is-National-Service-for-Second-Generation-Singapore-PRs-There are many factors that foreigners should consider before deciding to apply for permanent residency in Singapore, such as if it is the right time and if they meet the requirements set by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority. One important thing that they should also put into consideration is if they will include their young sons in their Singapore PR application given that second-generation male PRs are required to enlist for National Service.

What is Singapore’s National Service?

National Service or NS is a period of military training and service that all male Singaporeans and second-generation permanent residents are required by law to undergo. Second-generation PRs refer to kids who acquire their Singapore permanent resident status through the sponsorship of their parents.

Once these kids reach the age of 16 ½ years, they have to register for NS and go through a medical examination to determine their physical and mental fitness. Using the PULHHEEMS grading system, the examination includes physique, upper limbs, lower limbs, hearing and eyesight on both ears and eyes, mental function, and emotional stability.

Upon turning 18 years old, they will be scheduled for enlistment as National Servicemen Full-Time (NSFs). They will serve for two years either in the Singapore Civil Defence Force (emergency rescue, firefighting, etc.), the Singapore Armed Forces, or the Singapore Police Force, depending on their medical status.

When NSFs complete their full-time service, they become NSmen or Operationally-Ready National Servicemen. Each year until they reach either 40 (non-officers) or 50 (officers) years old, they may be required (called up) to participate in Operationally Ready National Service. These may be for In-Camp Training, Upgrading Courses, Mobilization, among others. A call-up may last from less than a day to several days, with a total of up to 40 days a year.

Can a Singapore PR Skip NS?

Singapore permanent residents who are acquiring their PR status through the Investor Scheme or the PTS (Professionals/Technial Personnel and Skilled Workers) Scheme are not required to take part in the NS. However, Singapore’s Enlistment Act makes participation to the NS mandatory for all male Singaporeans and second-generation PRs. Therefore, it is against the law for them to evade it. Failure to comply can result to fines of up to SGD5,000 or imprisonment of up to 3 years or both.

Losing or renouncing one’s PR status before completing or serving their full-time NS can affect their chances of working or studying in Singapore in the future as well as their status as a Singapore PR. Moreover, their family members’ or sponsor’s application for renewal of their Re-Entry Permits can also be affected.

If needed, though, kids may be permitted to defer their full-time NS due in favour of their studies, provided they meet the conditions set by the Singapore Ministry of Defence.

When traveling abroad for 3 months or longer, NS-liable PRs who are 13 years old and above need to get an Exit Permit first. NSmen also need to notify the MINDEF Notification Centre in advance if they have to travel overseas between 1 day and 6 months and obtain an Exit Permit if they will be gone for more than 6 months.

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