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PR approvals in Singapore is at an all-time low today, especially since the yearly PR quota has been significantly reduced from 80,000 to 30,000 in 2009/10. Note that there are around 100,000 foreigners who apply for PR every year, which means that less than one-third of applicants get to be a Singaporean PR. With a high rejection rate of approximately 70%, the Singaporean PR application process can indeed be demoralising and daunting. Furthermore, if you were to submit an application with no other assistance, the chances of you falling into the rejected group is very high. So, let First Immigrants aid you in enhancing your application so that you can secure a place amongst the 30% approval group.

At First Immigrants Pte Ltd, we have 8 years of vast experience and have assisted more than 10,000 clients in their Singapore PR application process. Our system is designed to strengthen all the profile factors that ICA looks at and to demonstrate your suitability as a future potential citizen. This is the key to getting your PR approved.

We boast a team of highly experienced consultants who represent clients, from across the globe, wishing to apply for Singapore PR. Our global clientele base ranges from expatriates, foreigners and overseas workers who are looking to foreign workers who are looking to build their lives anew in Singapore. This is where our comprehensive skills, experience and capabilities will be of the greatest benefit to you.

First Immigrations Pte Ltd provides a fee-based services in advising, assisting and representing our global clients through the complex and tedious PR application process. Many of our clients are aware that one simple error or oversight may lead to the ICA rejecting an application. However, when you have the right advice, assistance and professional help, the PR application process can be a relatively pain free exercise. The solutions that First Immigrants Pte Ltd provide covers every step of the application which include documentation, representation and submission of the application forms. Our consultants can also assist you with re-applications and appeals.

All decisions involving the granting of Singapore PR remain with the ICA subject to submitting valid application forms and meeting the relevant criteria. First Immigration is not affiliated with the ICA and act independently in the interests of all our clients. However, you can rely on our services to enhance the overall chances of obtaining a Singapore PR. Our passion for what we do is proven by our success.

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    At First Immigrations, our sole purpose is to help you and your family achieve Singapore PR with ease. Along with the excitement for change, moving permanently to a new country can also be a challenging process. Our company seeks to minimize these challenges, especially the confusion and frustration that is associated with the PR application process. We will provide you with all the information you need and guide you through every step of the process so that your PR application is a successful one.

    Over the years, First Immigrants has assisted thousands of clients with their PR applications and helped them make Singapore their home. As a PR, you will get to enjoy great benefits in several aspects – housing, medical, education, job opportunities, etc.


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