Importance of Providing/ Supplying Relevant Documentations For Your PR Application According To Your Profile

Importance of Providing/ Supplying Relevant Documentations For Your PR Application According To Your Profile

Importance of Providing: Supplying Relevant Documentations For Your PR Application According To Your Profile

The process for Singapore PR application is quite complicated. Every applicant needs to follow the rules and regulations provided by the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority or ICA. The ICA is the government agency that is responsible for the approval and denial of applications. This governmental body exercises wide discretion in deciding the fate of every applicant.

The duty of the ICA is not merely ministerial which means that the agents can order the rejection of an application for a simple reason. However, this does not mean that the ICA agents have the right to abuse this discretion. They still need to cite reliable grounds for the denial of the application. Otherwise, they will be held administratively liable for the commission of an unlawful act.

One of the common reasons for the denial of a PR application is the failure to provide the relevant and necessary documents to the ICA. In this article, allow us to discuss or highlight the importance of supplying certain papers to the government of Singapore. Take note that this is something you need to do in order to have a smooth sailing Singapore PR process.

By now, you are already aware that there is a low approval rating for the applications of immigrants before the ICA. Unfortunately, only few individuals get the chance to become grantees of blue passes in Singapore. To ensure that you will not have a problem during the process, it is highly recommended that you prepare all the documents ahead of time. The papers that will be required from the applicants depend on the type of application that you are filing.

For instance, if you are filing for an individual grant of a permanent residency, then you need to show that you have stayed in the country for at least six months. It is important that you have worked for a Singaporean firm during your stay in the country. This means that you must be able to show a valid working permit that was duly issued by the government. At the same time, you may also be required to show a copy of your salary slips, which will prove your employment in a company.

Aside from the above-mentioned documents, you may also be required to submit documents that will prove your identity. The submission of these requirements are necessary because the state wants to make sure that there is no falsity in the PR applications. Hence, you will need to submit a photo ID that was taken in the last three months. Thereafter, your certificate of live birth must also be forwarded to the ICA office upon the filing of your application.

In all documents submitted or filed before the ICA, one mandatory requirement is that it must be in the English language or at least a translation to the said language. When this is not complied with, the ICA reserves the right to deny your application. The end point of all these is that you must work hard to comply with all the requirements that the ICA will mandate upon you. The submission of the documents and papers are really important. When you submit a wrong copy or a falsified copy, then you can kiss your dream of becoming a permanent resident in Singapore goodbye.

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