Why a Consultation Process is important before applying for PR in Singapore?

Why a Consultation Process is important before applying for PR in Singapore?


Now you have considered to apply for PR in Singapore but still hesitant from going through the whole application process. Consider the situation, what is the important thing to do? Why don’t you talk to the right people about it?

Knowing the current government situation it is best that a specialist is aware and knowledgeable enough in giving the best possible solutions that every applicant is concerned about. We take pride in the unending effort of our team who takes time in researching, learning the latest statistics, and by studying all approvals and learning from their case and profile. Given these factors, we believe it can help you and us in identifying the areas that can lead to your approval.

At First Immigrations, our specialists are trained and experienced to give you the best honest advice concerning your Permanent residency application in Singapore. It is a personalized advice based on the information you have provided whereby we access your profile, breakdown the procedures and advice you on your chances.

Our specialist understands that each applicant is unique and different from another. Our goal is to help you understand and identify what are the positive and negative points of your application and our specialists will guide you on the best possible options regarding getting your first or next Singapore PR application approved.

With the information and knowledge provided you will understand the whole PR process and what are the factors involved in getting PR.

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