Common Mistakes in Singapore PR Applications

Common Mistakes in Singapore PR Applications

Applying for Permanent Resident (PR) status in Singapore can be a highly tricky process. In fact, the PR application process has high rejection rates with 3 in 10 foreigners giving up after their initial rejection.

Frustration Apply Singapore PR

Many Singapore PR Applicants Receive Rejections

Finding out the various common mistakes or areas of weaknesses that applicants have could boost your chances of success by as much as 30%. While this may not seem a lot, it may be what separates you from the competition.

In this article we cover several aspects of your application which you need to take special note of. Additionally, we offer tips for improving your chances at getting a Singapore PR application accepted.

If you wish to avoid these mistakes and have the best application possible, then consider hiring First Immigrations’ experienced consultants.

7 Common Mistakes in Singapore PR Applications

7 of the most common mistakes that we have found in PR applications are:

  1. Errors in the submitted application form
  2. Differences in details filled in the application form as compared to the requested documents
  3. Failure to submit the requested documents according to the guidelines
  4. Choosing the wrong options
  5. Online sessions timing out
  6. Applying for an individual or for a family as a whole
  7. Inability to express strengths or ability to meet criteria

Errors in Application Form

Errors in your application form ranges from spelling mistakes to misunderstanding the intent behind the questions. Many rejected application forms that we have reviewed were found to have little errors like these.

While these errors may not stand out to you, it conveys a lack of preparation and seriousness in the application. With razor thin margins for success, every little penalty could make the difference between your application being accepted or rejected.

Online form confusion

Choosing the Wrong Options

Oftentimes, the options provided during the application are fairly similar to each other. As such, applicants may be confused over which to pick. Choosing the wrong option could lead your application being rejected.

Differences in Details Filled

Related to the category of application form errors is the event of applicants filling in differing details on the form as compared to their documents. For example, they may not fill in their full name on the form as stated on their birth certificate.

Failure to Submit The Right Documents

A fourth common mistake that applicants make is the failure to comply with the guidelines for documents submission. Often times, applicants forget to submit a correctly translated copy of the requested document.

Online Sessions Timing Out

Online registration

Applying For Yourself or for your Family

It is possible for you to apply only for yourself or for your entire family. Each approach has its own merits depending on your situation. Alternatively, you may stand a better chance if you have first secured PR for yourself before applying for the rest of your family. It is important that you find out which route would suit you best.

Inability to Express Strengths or Merits of your Application

Understandably, applicants are often unable to express the merits of their application. When answering questions, they often write the first thoughts that come to their mind. In doing so, they miss out on strategizing and planning their answers to maximise their strengths.

Having the expertise of First Immigrations’ specialists will help you to avoid these common mistakes while maximising the potential of your application.

What Happens if your Application is Rejected?

In the event that you do make these mistakes and your application is rejected, it is not the end of the road. It is possible to appeal the rejection or to reapply 6 months of the date of rejection.

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Why Is Singapore PR Application Difficult?

This question is often posed by first time applicants as they ponder why many of their counterparts receive rejections. Truth be told, Singapore PR was much easier to attain the past.

Since the 2011 General Election, the criteria for Singapore PR Application approval has gotten stricter each year.

The tightening of criteria has been performed in response to complains from the local workforce over:

  • Competition for local jobs
  • Fear of erosion in Singaporean culture

In response to such concerns, the authorities now strike a balance between economic growth and social improvement. Unlike in the past, having good education certificates and job records are insufficient to guarantee you success in your PR application.

Instead other new key criteria such as societal contribution is now taken into account. This helps to soothe the locals’ concerns by demonstrating that you can truly be a part of the local community.

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Why Engage A Singapore PR Application Agency

Other than the 7 common mistakes listed here, we have found that applicants have been rejected for many other reasons as well. At times, this has to do with their ability to meet the criteria for PR, which is not always clearly stated.

As such, beyond ensuring no mistakes are made in the application, an apply PR Singapore agency’s value lies in the ability to advise you on what areas that you need improvement in.

Apply PR Singapore Success

Engaging First Immigrations as your PR Application Agency

First Immigrations is the leading PR application consultant in Singapore. Having been in the industry for many years, we truly understand the frustration of foreigners applying for PR status. From past cases, we have found that 90% of all applicants who were rejected had errors in their application.

When you apply Singapore PR with us, we give you a realistic evaluation of your current chance of success before telling you the required steps needed to improve your odds. We take special care to ensure that your application is not only error free, but also correctly angled to demonstrate the desired traits under the PR application program.

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