Common Mistakes in Singapore PR Applications

Common Mistakes in Singapore PR Applications


Applying for permanent residency in Singapore is a relatively straightforward process, although it is, at the same time, quite complex. As such, there are mistakes that many applicants tend to make, which could affect their chances of getting approved. Here are examples of common mistakes during the Singapore PR application process:


Some aspirants dive into the application process just because they can already produce six months’ worth of payslips. However, it is better to stay in Singapore for a longer period to show that they are contributing positively to the country, that they are trustworthy, and so on. The recommended length of stay in Singapore for an S Pass holder is three years, while P2 pass holders is two years, and P1 pass holders is one year.

The mistake of rushing can also happen while filling up the forms. This can result to errors, incomplete documents, overlooked details, and so on. It is better to take one’s time and do everything carefully and precisely.

Incomplete or Illegible Details

Form 4 or Form 4A is a very important document in the Singapore PR process, so applicants should take special care when filling it out. They should read carefully what is being asked and correctly fill out the required fields, provide descriptions where required, and put items in chronological order. This is especially important for the applicant’s education and employment history. However, information that have no bearing on the application or cannot be supported by an official document should be left out.

Family information is also required whether or not the applicant’s spouse and children are included in the application. The employer also needs to fill out Annex A.

Applicants should avoid using a pen to fill out the form; typing and printing makes it neater and easier to read.

Incomplete Supporting Documents

The details in the form should be supported by documents. These should be photocopied and collated in an organized manner, arranged according to the numbers on the form. All non-English documents should have an official translation.

A cover letter to the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority is also essential so as to make the application stand out from the rest.

Missing or Being Late for the e-Appointment

It takes months to get one’s turn for an e-Appointment, so there should be no reason not to be there on time. Being late does not make a good impression, neither does missing the appointment altogether given that it can be canceled in advance.

While meeting with the ICA officer, an applicant should be ready to present the original copies of the documents they submitted for verification purposes.

If you are aspiring to file your first or next Singapore PR application, then you should avoid all of the above. It helps to have a professional consultant on your side to ensure that your Form 4 or 4A is properly filled out and that your documents are organized and complete. At First Immigrations, we do these and much more.

We will assess your qualifications to find out your application’s approval rate and determine when it is the right time for you apply. We will also write a cover letter for you, book your e-Appointment, and provide assistance and advice to increase your chances of getting approved.

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