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Are you applying for Singapore PR and do not know what to submit? Or have you been rejected over and over again? Fret not! Our consultants and specialists will guide you through every step of the complicated PR application process, making it a hassle-free and easy one!

How First Immigrations enhance your chances of obtaining a Singapore PR?

  1. Profile Assessment And Consultation

    • Many applicants are unaware of the process in obtaining a Singapore PR as the process is complicated and cumbersome. At First Immigrations, we will start by assessing your personal profile and help to determine your strengths and weaknesses in your application. We will then point out exactly the areas on where you can improve the success rate of your application.


  1. Booking and Acceleration of E-Appointment With ICA

    • Getting an e-appointment with the ICA is easy but the earliest e-appointment date available may be at least 6 to 8 months later. However, we are able to assist you in getting an earlier e-appointment with the authority for those who require the PR urgently.


  1. Neat, Complete and Typewritten Form 4A

    • The first document to fill up when applying for a PR is the Form 4A. Many applicants fill up the form via handwriting which sometimes can be illegible for the ICA officers to read. In cases like this, rejection of the PR application is high. Therefore, we will always advise our clients to provide us the necessary information and we will type them out on the form for them.


  1. Guidance From Our Specialists And Compilation Of All Mandatory Documents

    • In addition to Form 4A, there is a list of mandatory documents to be submitted to the ICA. These include your birth certificate, passport, marriage certificates (if applicable), education certificates, pay slips and income tax statements, etc. At First Immigrations, we add value by checking through all your documents, ensuring you have the complete set of documents before submission.

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    1. Comprehensive Checklist And Collation Of Additional Documents

      • Just like any job interview, your application must stand out from the rest. On a case-by-case basis, we will provide you with a list of other documents to submit together with the Form 4A and the mandatory documents. The list of other documents will help to convince your case to the officers.


    1. Personalized Cover Letter

      • An additional way to ensure that your PR application stands out from the rest is providing a personalized cover letter. In this cover, it will state your intent and focus on how you can contribute to Singapore. Our professional writer will call you for a phone interview before crafting the cover letter for you.


    1. Specialist’s Advice At Any Time You Have Additional Queries

      • At First Immigrations, we will prepare and send you the complete set of documents one month before your e-appointment date for submission. If you have any additional questions before the e-appointment, please contact our friendly consultant for clarifications.


    1. Priority Re-Application

      • Should your application is rejected, First Immigrations will assist in the re-application. We will re-evaluate your case, discuss with you on improving your profile further and re-draft your application to increase a higher approval rate. Based on our experience, re-application has higher approval rate than lodging an appeal.
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