Dependant Pass Application

A Dependant Pass is given to the spouse and/or children of Employment Pass or S-Pass holders. This allows them to reside in Singapore with the Employment Pass or S-Pass holder, until their Pass is no longer valid.

The eligibility criteria for a Dependant Pass are as follows:

  • For the spouse: he/she must be legally married to the Employment Pass or S-Pass holder
  • For children: he/she must be under the age of 21

The Dependant Pass needs to be applied on behalf on the Employment or S-Pass holder by their employer or by an authorised third party agency. The Pass can be renewed as early as 6 months before it expires; this should be done by the employer or third party agency.

Should the spouse or children find work in Singapore while holding on to a Dependant’s Pass, the following guidelines apply:

  • For Dependants of Employment Pass holders – they are to apply for a Letter of Consent.
  • For Dependants of S-Pass holders – they are to apply for a Work Permit, S-Pass, or Employment Pass. It is recommended to check with the employer or third party agency to see which is most suitable.

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