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At First Immigrations, we offer a complete Singapore PR process, where you can get 96% chance of approval for your Singapore permanent resident’s certificate.

96% Success

96% Success

8+ Years of Experience

8+ Years of Experience

Ex-Officer Support

Ex-Officer Support

Efficient & Professional

Efficient & Professional

Full Submission

Full Submission

Private & Confidential

Private & Confidential

Got rejected for your PR application again? Unsure of how to apply for Singapore PR
Stop wasting precious time re-applying without knowing how to make your application standout. At First Immigrations, we can help and guide you on how to enhance your chances in getting your PR approved. We have more than 8 years of migration consultancy after having assisted thousands of applicants make their dreams into a reality.

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High Quality Advices

Our advices are unbiased, honest and up-to-date. Advices provided by us are based on the latest information from Singapore’s Immigration & Checkpoints Authority. Our friendly consultants are committed in assisting you in each step of the process.

Excellent Customer Service

We will keep you informed of the developments of your PR application. At First Immigrations, we review all cases every three months and follow up as appropriately. In addition, we deal with all of our clients’ queries promptly, and will always revert within 3 business days.

Confidentiality is Key

Every consultant adheres to the confidentiality clause as set out by First Immigrations. We do not disclose any of our client’s information or discuss your case with anyone. Confidentiality is key at First Immigrations.

Equality of Treatment

We treat each and every of our clients the same regardless of race, nationality, gender and age. There are no special treatments and we are not influenced by any of these factors when processing your PR applications.

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