How Long Does It Take To Apply for PR in Singapore?  

How Long Does It Take To Apply for PR in Singapore?  

How long does it take to apply for PR in Singapore?
When it comes to the topic of what is the best country in Asia, Singapore will always come to the top of the list. Undeniably, this country has earned a good reputation for its growing economy and high quality of living. As a matter of fact, the number of individuals who are interested to live or work in Singapore has increased drastically over the years. Luckily for immigrants, the government of Singapore promotes a liberal application of its immigration laws in order to accommodate the increasing Singapore PR application.


In Singapore, the rule is simple for those who want to become a permanent resident. First of all, it is important that the applicant knows if he is qualified or not. Take note that the acquisition of a permanent residency status is not a matter of right but a mere privilege. This means that only those that possess none of the disqualifications can be granted with the blue pass. The agents of the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority can exercise discretion in issuing grants. However, they are prohibited from abusing such power.


The length for the application depends on several factors. This is why it is important for every applicant to have a clear picture of what happens during the application process. If you are interested in undergoing the entire Singapore PR process, you must be prepared all the time. For example, before going to the office of the ICA, make sure that you have already acquired an appointment via the online registration system. Without said appointment, the ICA will not entertain you at all.


At the same time, you must also know the documents required by the ICA. It is important that you have secured a copy of these documents to ensure that by the time of your appointment with the ICA, you are already in possession of the requirements. Otherwise, you may be requested to come again on another scheduled date, which means that your application will take longer than usual.


You also need to prepare for the interview with an agent from the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore. This is the second step of the application process. The interviewer will ask you several questions that are not only limited to things related to Singapore but also to your personal life. All answers that you will give have a bearing on your application. This is the reason why a thorough preparation must be made before you enter the room with your interviewer.


The entire process may take up to three months or more depending on how well you work on the application. If you want to fast track the process, it is highly recommended that you hire the services of an expert. There are several companies in Singapore that provide services to immigrants like you. They can assign a specific professional to handle your application.


When it comes to hiring an expert, always remember that honesty is the best policy. Do not try to conceal material and relevant information. Some details about your life, work or business must be made available in order for the expert to anticipate the possible outcomes of your application. With an expert by your side, the application process may be shortened. It really depends on how good your expert is.

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