Why You Should Consider Applying for PR in Singapore

Why You Should Consider Applying for PR in Singapore

Why you should consider applying for PR in Singapore
There are certain rights that are only granted to the citizens of a particular country. Some of these rights may be extended to immigrants provided they are considered as resident aliens. A good example of this is Singapore wherein the government extends certain privileges not only to its own citizens but also to those who have acquired permanent residency status. With the exquisite lifestyle and booming economy of Singapore, it is no wonder that a lot of individuals are starting to get interested to apply for PR in Singapore.

In this article, you will learn the top advantages and benefits that every holder of a permanent residency status of Singapore can avail of.

1. Affordable housing plans

In Singapore, only a limited number of individuals may acquire a housing property. One of which is a PR status holder who can avail of low-cost housing arrangements due to the lower stamp duty free. This means that an immigrant who has a blue pass can get a chance to purchase top of the line real estate properties in the country without spending too much for it.

2. Enjoy stable career

The fear of every employee is waking up one day and realizing that he is no longer connected to any company. This is probably the worst thing that can happen to every person especially if you are living in a foreign country. With a PR status in Singapore, you can do something about it. Your PR status will enable you to get a job instantly without the need to apply for a new work permit. Moreover, most Singaporean firms prefer to hire permanent residents than those who are only staying in the country for a temporary period of time.

3. Extend benefits to children

Did you know that children of PR status holders enjoy preference and priority in the public schools of Singapore? This is very important especially if you want to give your children the best education available. Your sons and daughters can immediately enroll in a local public educational institute.

4. Get Loans Fast

Another advantage of acquiring a permanent residency status in Singapore is getting an opportunity to apply for loan. Most banks in Singapore will only grant loans to those who are citizens of the country or those who have acquired a PR status. Aside from a fast approval rate, the banks will also provide a lower interest rate if you are a permanent resident. This is due to the fact that the bank will be incurring lower risks if you are permanently situated in Singapore.

5. Chance to become a Singapore citizen

The citizens of Singapore enjoy a lot of benefits, preferences and rights compared to a PR status holder. When you think that you are already ready to become a citizen of the country, your application will be considered as long as you are a grantee of the permanent residency status. Your blue pass can help you a lot in order to become a naturalised citizen of Singapore.

Indeed, becoming a permanent resident in Singapore offers a lot of advantages for you. Make sure that you succeed in taking the steps to apply permanent resident in the country. You can hire an expert to help you complete the process.

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