What Makes Singapore The Most Sought Employment Hub in ASIA?

What Makes Singapore The Most Sought Employment Hub in ASIA?

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Singapore has become one of the most popular places to visit in Asia. In fact, many people consider Singapore to be a thriving country for businesses. As such, global companies and investors seek to use Singapore as a gateway to Southeast Asia’s Markets, more so than other countries. Hence, many individuals are thinking about staying here and applying for an employment pass application, also known as EP application in Singapore.

In this article, we will be sharing the various reasons why Singapore is one of the most sought-after employment hub in Asia. Additionally, what motivates people to want to stay here permanently and apply for PR in this country.

Endless Business Opportunities

Singapore’s economy has been thriving throughout the years, with endless global investors willing to establish their companies in this country. Furthermore, Singapore’s strategic geographic location allows easy access to markets in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Myanmar. This creates endless business opportunities here in Singapore, with vast industries that many companies can choose from.

On top of that, Singapore’s seaport is linked to more than 600 other ports across 120 countries worldwide. Singapore Changi Airport was also ranked amongst Asia’s top five for air cargo, establishing prompt connections with other countries. Therefore, many people from other nations are keen to come to Singapore and explore the extensive business opportunities here.

Multiracial Society

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Singapore is a multiracial society, with English being the primary working language. Singapore’s society has a mix of Chinese, Malay, Indian and British cultures, along with a foreign population of 42%. Working in Singapore would be a breeze as you won’t experience the dreaded language barrier and the burden of communication.

Being a melting pot of cultures, Singapore offers a wide selection of food choices from all over the world, with easily accessible imported goods and groceries to all. Many foreigners have no issue adapting to Singapore as many of us here are very comfortable and welcoming to foreigners. Additionally, the rare cases of racism and discrimination have provided foreigners with a peace of mind that they will be well catered for.

Favourable State Laws for All Employees

Singapore is not only known for its extravagant lifestyle but also the emphasis on the rule of law. Due to the state laws enacted by our government, we are able to enjoy first world amenities that are made readily available to everyone.

Here in Singapore, employees are provided with favourable working conditions in accordance with the laws and regulations that have been implemented. For instance, all companies in Singapore must pay a higher rate for overtime pay or premium pay as compared to other countries in Asia.

Furthermore, the rule of law has remained a cornerstone in Singapore’s business growth. Singapore’s legal security has provided a framework that is transparent and reliable, giving global investors and businesses the confidence to conduct their business here.

Free Training for Workers

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Singapore is also known for its complimentary workshops and training that are provided and funded by government agencies. In this country, workers are encouraged to attend free seminars and workshops to improve their work and skill set.

Skillsfuture is an exemplary example. It is a national movement here in Singapore, encouraging Singaporeans of all ages to develop skills and knowledge to their fullest potential. The government provided all Singaporeans, aged 25 and above, with $500 of SkillsFuture credit to take up any course of their interest.

Rapid Business Growth

Did you know that many global companies are starting to make their brand known in Singapore? Many business owners are considering expanding their operations to Singapore due to the market’s potential and supportive environment.

Businessmen believe that their companies will grow and succeed if they invest in this country. You might ask why? There is no doubt that Singapore is a thriving and efficient business environment. However, what makes us stand out amongst others is Singapore’s public funding.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore fosters the city’s business environment by investing in Fintech. It is a digital payment scheme designed to provide efficient and effective business transactions. This has helped Singapore commit to its smart Nation goals, fostering the power of innovation and technology. As a result, many new firms are coming to Singapore, creating more job opportunities for individuals.

Asia’s Technology Capital

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Singapore is ranked as the most innovative country in Asia, making its mark as a technology capital. In Singapore, businesses can instantly get access to one of the most technologically advanced IT infrastructures in the world. With the Smart Nation program, Singapore’s government aims to harness technology to new levels and to create an environment of more opportunities and communities for citizens.

A country would require both physical structure and socio-economic framework to develop an efficient and advanced business hub. An example would be Singapore’s highly developed integrated transport system, known as the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) and buses. This physical infrastructure has significantly improved the transport system, easing traffic congestion and increasing convenience when navigating the city. Singapore has therefore proven itself as an advanced business hub, becoming an irresistible magnet for local and foreign companies.

By now, you should have a clearer picture of why Singapore is the most sought-after employment hub and why people choose to apply for PR in this country. If you are looking to find a job in Singapore, make this dream happen by applying for an Employment Pass.

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