What Do I Include in My PR Documents

What Do I Include in My PR Documents

The number of people who want to migrate in Singapore has increased for the past few years. Many individuals are interested to become a permanent resident in the county. There are many reasons for this, and one of them is to obtain a more stable status in Singapore. If you are one that wants to be involved in the Singapore PR application process, then make sure that you read this article. Learn the different documents that you have to prepare in processing the application.

The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority is the government agency that is responsible for the screening of the applicant for permanent residency in Singapore. This government office is the one responsible for accepting all submitted application forms as well as the necessary documents to facilitate the process. The office of the ICA has promulgated its own rules and regulations that all applicants must follow. Otherwise, the application for the issuance of a blue card may be dismissed without prejudice of re-filing.

The ICA is also responsible for setting appointments or schedules for the interview to be conducted by its representative. This interview is an indispensable process for the issuance of a permanent resident status in Singapore. Hence, the applicant must be able to pass this interview phase before his application will be considered for resolution or decision. The interview questions would basically revolve around the issues relating to acquiring a resident status in the country.

When it comes to submitting documents, make sure that you submit the originals. Since you are required to submit such papers, it is important that you make photocopies of the documents. It is a strict requirement that the instrument’s words, phrases and sentences must be in the English language. Otherwise, the document shall be translated to the English language before it can be handled over to the ICA.

For public instruments issued by your country of origin, another requirement is to have it verified and authenticated by the legal custodian of the documents in your country. In the absence of the verification and authentication required by the ICA, your application may be dismissed outright. This is the last thing that you want to happen as it may cause delay in the application process. As such, you need to be really prepared before going to the ICA. Inquire first of all the documents and files that will be required by the office. Once you have obtained the list, do the paper works and double-check everything.

It must also be noted that the ICA may require you to submit other documents that would strengthen your application. These documents may include owning a property here in Singapore, which is a good indication that you are really applying in good faith. Another document that can be presented is a marriage contract between you and a Singaporean. You can also present the certificate of live births of your children who are dependent upon you for support, provided that they are less than the age of twenty-one. If you are still confused about how the entire process works, do not worry because you can seek for the assistance of the professionals in Singapore who assist aspiring immigrants like you.

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