Main Challenges You Will Face in Singapore PR Application

Main Challenges You Will Face in Singapore PR Application

Main Challenges You Will Face in Singapore PR Application

The number of immigrants in Singapore is continuously growing in the past few years. The Singaporean government has introduced a lot of amendments to its immigration laws. Nowadays, many individuals are allowed to enter the country in order to balance its population. Notwithstanding this fact, there are still some people who fail in getting a permanent residency status in Singapore. In this article, we will discuss the main challenges that you will face when you decide to apply Singapore PR.

  1. Age

With the increase in the ageing population of Singapore, the government is placing preference in granting PR status application of those who are young. Those who are already of the old age have a lesser chance of acquiring a blue pass from the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority. Hence, it is good if you file your application as early as possible.

  1. Qualifications

Take note that the ICA exercises discretion in granting the applications. Your goal is to ensure that you possess all the qualifications for more chances of getting an approval. If you are an individual PR applicant, it is important that you establish the fact of staying in Singapore for at least six months. Moreover, you can also indicate in the form that you have gone through an educational training at a Singapore institute.

  1. Work

Did you know that if you are in the top position of your company, you have a higher chance of getting a PR status? This is the reason why every interested applicant is encouraged to do better in his employment at a Singaporean firm. At the same time, the salary that you get from the job will have an effect on your application. If you are earning well, then the state will consider you as a good applicant. This is because once you acquire the PR status, you will not become a burden to the state. 

  1. Family connections

The best way to let the ICA know your intent of permanently residing in Singapore is to bring your family with you in the country. Show the government that you have no ill intentions in applying the PR. What you need to do is to bring your immediate family in Singapore and try to let them enjoy the country. By doing this, you are establishing the fact that you have no interest in leaving Singapore. 

  1. Recommendation

The secret to how to get PR is to have a letter of recommendation from a Singaporean firm or citizen. The recommendation must contain the several reasons why you are considered as an individual with a good standing in the Singaporean community. The letter must show your several involvements in the community. All these involvements must prove that indeed, you are a good person who has a heart for reaching out to the organisations in Singapore.

As established above, the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority of Singapore still has discretion on whether or not to approve your application. As such, even if you have taken the factors enumerated into consideration, there is still a slight chance that your application may be rejected. To avoid this from happening, the assistance of a professional expert on immigration laws and PR status applications may be necessary. What you need to do is to hire an expert who can give you an advise in every step.

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