How To Speed Up Your Singapore PR Application

How To Speed Up Your Singapore PR Application


The applicants who wish to obtain a Permanent Resident status in Singapore can be classified into two groups – patient and impatient. There are those who can tolerate the long waiting time for the competition of the application process. On the other hand, there are also many applicants who want to expedite the process. If you belong to the second group of people, then you are probably in a rush to get your application approved.

When it comes to applying for PR in Singapore, the first thing you need to be aware of is the fact that the process can take months. There are many procedures that you need to complete. At this point, it is important to note that granting applicants permanent resident status is not a ministerial duty on the part of the government. Just because you possess all the qualifications and have completed all the standard steps do not guarantee that you’ll get it.

So the question that you need to ask is more than just “how to get Singapore PR”, but “Is there a way to avoid delays in the process?”. Actually, there are several companies in Singapore that can assist you in the application. This company can help interested immigrants to prepare all the documentations needed. Aside from this, the company can also give you guidelines on how to properly answer the questions in the interview.

There are two major things that you need to prepare for in your application. First, arrange the documents that are required for the processing of your application. Second, attend the ICA office interview. If you have already scheduled an interview, the most important thing that needs to be done is to be early for it. Your punctuality speaks a lot about who you really are. At the same time, being punctual can be advantageous on your part for you will be first in line compared to those who turn up late. Take note that a lot of people apply for PR in Singapore.

Be prepared all the time. You must be able to anticipate the possible situations that may arise. By doing this, you will be able to react fast. An example of being prepared is by taking steps to ensure that your documents have been scrutinized and checked. When applying for the PR status, the ICA agent will require you to submit the documents. In the event that there are some inaccuracy or incompleteness, you will be asked to come again on another day.

With respect to the meeting with the ICA, the schedule may vary. There are some applicants who get lucky and are able to get the interview schedule on the day of the first application. Once the two steps are completed, the next thing to do is to pay the application fee. An official receipt for the transaction will be issued. Your responsibility now is to keep that receipt as it will be your proof that you have applied for a Singapore permanent resident status. The next thing to do is to wait for days or weeks for the result of the application.

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