How to evaluate your chances of getting PR in Singapore?  

How to evaluate your chances of getting PR in Singapore?  

How to evaluate your chances of getting PR in Singapore?

Singapore has become one of the most-visited countries in the Southeast Asia. At the same time, it is also considered as the top country wherein people want to establish a permanent resident. This is the reason why the number of PR application in Singapore has risen over the years. Everyone may not know it but the truth is that there is actually a slim chance of approval for the applications filed before the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority.

In Singapore, the government agency that has the jurisdiction to accept application and to issue grants for PR status is the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority or ICA. This governmental body accepts applications and screens all applicants. Your goal is to convince the officials from the ICA that you must receive the grant of becoming a permanent resident in Singapore. You need to prove your good intentions of staying in the country for a long period of time. You also need to show that you possess none of the disqualifications set forth by the law. Most importantly, you need to establish the fact that you have not violated any state law or regulation in the country.

The Singapore PR process is quite complex. The situation depends on each type of applicant. Therefore, it is necessary that you have a good picture of the entire application process before you submit your form. Do not rush your application especially if you haven’t thought of the possible scenario that you may encounter during the process. Take note that there is an interview you need to pass. During this interview, several questions may be asked from you. The answers to the questions will have an effect on your application.

Applying for a PR status in Singapore may be time-consuming. In fact, it is also tedious or exhausting. There are a lot of forms that you need to fill up correctly. One minor mistake can lead to the rejection of your application. At the same time, the ICA may require you to submit certain documents and papers that will be used in screening your application. It is important to submit all these requirements in the English language or at least a translation thereof. Without complying with this rule, your application may be rejected.

In applying for a permanent residency status, several factors may be taken into consideration. For example, if you are from a younger generation, then you are more likely to have an approval from the ICA. The government of Singapore prefers young immigrants in order to balance to its growing ageing population.

Your current employment as well as salary can also be a factor for having your application approved. There is a need to establish before the ICA that you are working in a top position for a Singaporean company for at least six months. Your salary slips must also show that you have a good source of income. All these are important because Singapore has a high cost of living. Only those who can afford such can have the opportunity to stay in Singapore for a permanent period.

The process for application for a PR status in the country can be challenging. You need to prepare yourself for the entire process. A good way to ensure success is to hire the assistance of an expert. Look for a professional who can help you from start to finish.

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