How to evaluate your chances of getting PR in Singapore?  

How to evaluate your chances of getting PR in Singapore?  

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Singapore is a developed country seated in the heart of South East Asia. Famed for its clean & green image as well as being a hub for business, technology and medicine, it is a standout choice for would be expatriates. In fact, beyond their stint working here, many go on to make applications to become Singapore Permeant Residents (PRs).

The Current Singapore PR Application Situation

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According to the 2013 White Paper on Population, the Singapore government intends to have approximately 30,000 new PRs each year. This intake size is intended to be effective till 2030, thereby providing the government a sufficient pool of suitable new candidates for citizenship. Barring any major changes, you can expect these figures to be applicable till 2030.

Despite the highly promising statistic of 30,000 PR slots being opened each year, an even higher number of applications are received by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) each year. As a result, the majority of applicants are rejected in the process.

Strict standards are upheld by ICA when approving applicants for Singapore PR each year. This is done in order to derive a pool of Singapore citizen candidates in the future. In essence, if you do not meet the laid out criteria for Singapore PR, it is less likely that you will be suitable for citizenship at a later point.

Regardless of whether you have a desire to apply for citizenship eventually, you should have your apply PR Singapore chances evaluated by a specialist before submission.

The Value of Application Evaluation by a PR Application Agency

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Just like any other application process, it pays to be aware of the evaluation criteria and how you can best meet it.

This is where First Immigrations’ PR application specialists come in. Through our specialists’ consultation, we will help you identify areas of weakness or opportunities to improve your application. Over the past 8 years, we have guided 1000s of applicants through the PR application process. We have helped people from many different nationalities and backgrounds across the years.

More than just being up to date with the latest PR application processes and news, our consultants are familiar with the many common mistakes made and areas of weaknesses for candidates. Based on these, we are able to prep you and increase your chances of attaining Singapore PR status on your next application.

Evaluation Criteria for Singapore PR Applicants

There are three primary criteria that ICA looks for in PR applicants. These are the applicants’ formal education, economic background, and social integration above all else.

Formal Education

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Your education background is considered strongly by the authorities when evaluating your PR application. In general, the more prestigious the institutions and courses you graduated from, the better your application is viewed. This information is used as a proxy for your calibre and potential in many different aspects.

While your student days may be in the distant past, if you have down studies since then such as a part-time Masters programme, these will be considered as well. If anything, further studies indicate a desire for constant improvement, which is aligned with Singapore’s belief of lifelong learning.

Economic Background

The economic aspect of the application criteria primarily looks at your past and current employment statuses. Where you have worked at and the respective positions held are used to gauge if you have made continuous progress in your career. Furthermore, the current status of your employer will also be examined as it is desirable to be working for a stable company in a desirable industry.

It is also to your benefit if you are working for a homegrown business as you would be directly aiding the local community. Ultimately, these sub criteria are used to filter out candidates who are less likely to be a reliable contributor to Singapore’s economy after being granted PR status.

Social Integration

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Social integration is often overlooked by first time PR applicants who instead focus all of their attention on education and economic aspects. Yet, social integration has become a key pillar of the application process since 2010s. Bearing in mind that the government wants to derive a pool of suitable candidates for citizenship, it then makes sense that approved PRs have been weaved into the fabric of the local community.

In particular, in your application, you should be able to display knowledge of Singapore’s culture, society and norms. More than just knowledge, it is important to convince the authorities of your actual partaking in these aspects as well as their importance to you.

Furthermore, volunteering with local charity efforts can be a big boost to your application. Be it teaching first aid with a local health organization or cleaning up our local beaches with the People’s Association (PA), there are a myriad of local causes to join. This act demonstrates a keenness to be at the heart of Singapore’s society and to give back beyond economic means.

Secondary Factors

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Beyond the aforementioned 3 criteria, your application will also be assessed in a holistic manner. As such, the authorities will take into account variables such as your length of stay in the country and family ties to existing PRs or citizens. Lastly, beyond your own application, the demand for PR status in a given year will also affect you. If the demand outpaces the supply, then you can expect increased competition for those limited spots.

Consulting First Immigrations

We are the leading PR application consultant in Singapore. Having been in the industry for many years, we truly understand the frustration of foreigners applying for PR status.

At First Immigrations, we view each application from an ICA officer’s point of view. In doing so, you will receive great insights about your application and a fair mock evaluation. Other than just looking at your application, we interview you to find more details. This comes in handy when filling out weaknesses in your application and allowing us to craft a compelling case for you to be granted PR status.

Give your application a boost with our specialists’ knowledge, apply Singapore PR with First Immigrations today!

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