Factors That Can Affect Your Chances of Becoming A Singapore PR

Factors That Can Affect Your Chances of Becoming A Singapore PR


There is no fool-proof way to guarantee that an application for permanent residency in Singapore would be approved by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority. However, some Singapore PR applications have a bigger probability of getting approved than others, based on several factors.

Chances of Getting Approved

With a tighter criteria plus many talented and skilled individuals/expats trying to get their way to become Singapore Permanent Resident, it is most likely can affect the deciding factor of the ICA. It is important that an applicant is properly documented, as this can help the ICA look farther into the applicant’s profile.

The ICA sifts through all the applications to find the best candidates. Those who possess better qualifications and are more likely to be assets to the country will be given priority over other aspirants.

The following are some of the things that can affect the chances of a PR application to get approved:


Foreigners can apply for Singapore PR if they are eligible under one of four categories: Investor; Employment/S Pass Holder; Aged Parent of a Singapore Citizen; or Spouse/Child of Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident. If they meet the criteria set by the ICA, then they are less likely to get a rejection. This is discussed in more detail in the article “Who Can Apply for Singapore PR?


Singapore pays close attention to an applicant’s educational and professional qualifications, especially if the latter is applying through the Professionals/Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers Scheme. An applicant has a better chance of getting approved if they have achieved higher education, if they hold good positions in a company, and if they have contributed to their industry.

The country undoubtedly wants its residents to be productive and to actively contribute to the country’s economy.


Some sectors may already be saturated, with applicants exceeding the demand. On the other hand, there may be industries that have need of more experts. If an applicant’s skills and expertise are in sectors that Singapore values, then they might have a bigger chance of getting approved.

Length of Stay

While the application for permanent residence requires payslips for the last 6 months, it does not necessarily mean that an applicant should apply as soon as they have worked for half a year in the country. It is better to wait at least a year, depending on the kind of Employment Pass they have. This will give the government a better picture of how one lives.

One can utilize their time in Singapore building up their reputation to show that they will be assets to the country once they become a permanent resident. Working hard, upgrading their qualifications, doing volunteer work, and generally giving back to society are good ways to invest their time. One should make sure to pay taxes, abide by the laws, and be a responsible member of society.


While the content of a PR application is vital, equally important is how it is presented. Applicants should not give the officers at the ICA a hard time deciphering their Form 4 or Form 4A. Instead, they should make sure that the fields are filled out properly and that the information is easy to read. All necessary supporting documents should be included in a neat and organized manner.

A lot of factors and circumstances can affect one’s chances of getting approved for Singapore PR. Some may be beyond one’s control like competition and demand, but others like volunteer work, education, and application are within one’s control.

Our consultants at First Immigrations can give advice and assistance on how an applicant can tackle or overcome some of the factors that can affect their Singapore PR application. For more details, call +65 6850 5087 or send an email to [email protected].

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