Engaging or Choosing The Right PR Consultant For Your PR Application

Engaging or Choosing The Right PR Consultant For Your PR Application

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The process of permanent resident (PR) application in Singapore is an interesting one. For starters, the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) receives thousands of applications each year. This demand stems from the numerous benefits that PRs enjoy over their non-resident counterparts. Some of these advantages include:

  • Unrestricted stay in Singapore and no work permit issues
  • More job opportunities due to not contributing towards the foreigner quota in companies
  • Ability to purchase resale HDB flats
  • Priority when enrolling children in public schools

High Rejection Rates

For all the demand that ICA receives each year for PR status, a high rejection rate does exist. On some years, it can be as high as 90%, meaning that 9 in 10 applicants are rejected. The root cause for this rejection rate is twofold.

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Maintaining High Standards

On one hand, the authorities wish to uphold a high standard when accepting new permanent residents in Singapore. This ensures that they would be capable of contributing back a proportional value to the privileges accorded under PR status. Moreover, it helps to alleviate fears or concerns amongst the local community of rapid culture erosion and loss of job security. In essence, if someone were to be granted PR status, they would be providing an overall net positive to Singapore.

Complexity of the Process

On the other hand, many first time applicants find the process to be opaque and complicated. Naturally since the application process does take things at a case to case basis, there would be plenty of inaccurate information out there. When taken wholly and without checking with experienced professionals in the industry, less than ideal applications are submitted.

Furthermore, ICA requests that you provide numerous different documents and forms. Based on past experience, we have seen that these requests often trip up applicants who are not familiar with what is being requested of them. For example, ambiguous questions on forms could mislead applicants while all documents need to meet specified standards.

As a result of these two factors, many applications are submitted while being riddled with errors. This leads to a rejection of your case and a waste of both your time and resources.

Engaging a PR Application Firm to Help

One way to improve your applications and your chances of being accepted is to engage a PR application firm. A PR application agency consist of specialists who are familiar with the apply Singapore PR application process. This includes the key metrics which your application is measured against and the common mistakes made in the process. As such, you can be assured that your application will be submitted with no mistakes and framed in the most effective way.

Another less thought of benefit of having a PR application consultant’s help is the ease of mind granted to you. Rather than having to worry about the different documents and requirements, you would have someone to take charge and give you directions. In turn, you will have time to focus on other important aspects of your life such as your family and work.

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Not all PR Application Agencies are the Same

If you were to do a simple search on the internet, you will find many agencies offering 90% or higher PR approval rates for their services. Yet, little proof is given about their processes or end results. Consequently,  you may find it confusing when trying to identify the right consultant for your application.

A common result that emerges then is for applicants to choose the agency that offers the lowest price. After all, if the agency still offers a 90% chance of approval, then a tempting deal is indeed presented. However, truth be told, just like any consultative business, the value of the service lies in the consultants and their practices.

For example, an agency can easily maintain its high approval rate if it solely accepts clients that already have strong cases for PR. In which case, perhaps they might be able to charge low prices as well since they only need to add a little value to get the application over the line. On the other hand, other agencies are willing to advice on and help more challenging cases.

Choosing the Right PR Application Agency

How then can you be assured that the agency you choose will give your case the boost it needs to get approved? How do you know that the consultants you have engaged will deliver you great value and partner with you towards getting the application approved?

One good way to ascertain the right agency is to have all your questions and current situation laid out on paper before the first formal consultation by the firm. With this, you will be able to get a full and proper assessment of your PR application chances. In addition, you would get a feel for the agency’s expertise and experience with handling cases similar to your case. Ultimately, even if an agency has many good past results, they may not be suited to help you if your case is different from what they have worked on before.

What makes First Immigrations a Trusted PR Application Agency

Engaging the right PR consultant or specialist is the key to having your first or next Singapore PR application approved. At First Immigrations, we believed it is important to first conduct a full consultation or assessment with the client’s profile is the key to identifying the strengths and weak points of the applicant(s). These factors will greatly affect the chances of the applicant in getting his or her PR application approved.

Our specialists have a long experience in handling apply PR Singapore cases and have seen many successes as well as failures over the years. As such, they have encountered a myriad of different cases and situations, lending them expertise to give you a thorough review. Moreover, realistic and honest advice is at the heart of the review, helping you to ultimately increase your chances of having your application approved.

Here are a few other key traits that our consultants are known for:

Listens Closely to your Case

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Our specialists understand that every case is different. So rather than offering you a cookie cutter approach and saying the age old “this is the way things are done”. We carefully listen to every aspect of your case and actively ask question sot connect the dots. In doing so, we are able to determine the best way to present your case to the authorities.

Strong Communication

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As covered before, ultimately, we are offering a service and thus communication is a key factor. Our specialists are trained to communicate the merits and weaknesses of your case clearly to you. Furthermore, we do so in the capacity of being a partner to you. This means that rather than just rendering advice and doing the bare minimum, we go the extra mile to bring across the points that matter.

Studies the Different Aspects of your Case

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Outside of the face to face sessions that you have with us, we study the merits of your case carefully. This includes any less obvious strengths and weaknesses that should be accounted for in order to cover all bases. When we have a full picture of your case, we are able to construct a narrative that paints you in the best light possible for your application. Furthermore, your case will come off as more coherent and logical which appeals to the assessors.

Spots Errors in your Application

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It is also worth mentioning that we carefully screen all your documents and application forms before submitting them. This ensures that there are no careless errors or misunderstood information. While seemingly a small step, our consultants ensure that your application attempt does not go to waste. Furthermore, if you have done an application before, then you will be aware of the numerous requirements and pitfalls. This is why our consultant’s expertise and time are so highly valued.

Engaging First Immigrations

Our team of consultants and specialist with more than 8 years of experience will help you increase your chances to the highest percentage for getting your PR application approved. Talk to us during our free consultation and we will help you evaluate your chances, identify your strengths and weak points, and together we will get your PR application approved.

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