Common Questions About PR Application in Singapore

Common Questions About PR Application in Singapore

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As a successful and long-time consultant for the Singapore Permeant Resident (PR) application process, we often receive many questions about being a Singapore PR as well as the application process. Notably, there is ambiguity as to the benefits that you stand to enjoy upon attaining Singapore PR status. Furthermore, the process itself is to a certain degree a black box with many applicants stumbling along the way when trying to finish it.

To give clarity, we have written this article to answer the common questions that we typically receive about PR application in Singapore.

Benefits of being a Singapore PR

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There are many benefits that you stand to gain from becoming a Singapore PR, including:

  • No visa restrictions
  • Increased job opportunities
  • Starting a local business
  • Improved property options
  • Priority for enrolling your children in public schools

No Visa Restrictions

Work pass enable you and your fellow expats to legally find employment in Singapore. However, they can be restrictive due to having expiry dates and requiring your employer to help you renew. Two unintended consequences arise here.

Firstly, if your work pass expires while you are overseas, you will not be allowed to re-enter Singapore using the expired work pass. Secondly, should you have left your job but have yet to find a new one, then upon re-entering, you will only be given 30 days to find a new job. Alternatively, if your former employer chooses to re-employ you, then that works as well. Should he or she be unable to help your cause, you would be forced to leave Singapore.

By attaining PR status, you would be entitled to unrestricted stay in Singapore for 5 years. This means being able to leave and re-enter the country at any time within the 5 years of you PR validity.

Increased Job Opportunities

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All companies in Singapore have a quota that restricts the employment of foreigners. At any one time, they are only allowed to employ up to a specific number of foreigners under the different work passes. As such, being a work pass holder yourself, you might find limitations in your employability. Even if a company is highly keen to have your talent onboard, a saturated quota might prohibit them from hiring you.

As a Singapore PR, you would not count towards the foreign worker quota. This immediately increases the number of job opportunities as the artificial restriction on your employability has been lifted.

Starting a Local Business

A third benefit accorded to Singapore PRs is the option of starting your own company. Being in a highly entrepreneur friendly environment, you would be able to take advantage of Singapore’s strong innovation policies, significant government subsidies and great geographical location. Moreover, Singapore has consistently been rated as the top country for ease of doing business. Part of this is due to you being able to incorporate your business within the timespan of a day.

Improved Property Options

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Foreigners are not eligible to purchase HDB flats (public housing) and can only own private housing such as landed properties or condominiums. Should you be keen to live in a HDB, you should consider to apply PR Singapore.

Singapore PRs are eligible to purchase resale HDB flats from existing homeowners under the public scheme or non-citizen spouse scheme. The only requirement being that you would need to be a PR holder of at least 3 years at the time of purchase.

Priority of Enrolling your Child in Public School

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When accepting students, Singapore public schools give priority to firstly citizens, then PRs and finally to non-residents. This means that as a non-resident, chances are that your child would not be enrolled in a school of your preferred choice. It should also be noted that unlike citizens or PRs, non-residents are unable to specify their choices of public schools during the enrolment exercise.

This point is especially important when comparing the tuition fees of public and private schools in Singapore. Depending on the schools chosen, the difference in annual tuition fees could amount to thousands.

Eligibility & Schemes

Many questions revolve around the eligibility of the individual as well as the scheme that he or she should apply under.

Professionals, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers (PTS)

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The most popular scheme for PR application is the PTS scheme. To qualify under this scheme, you would need to meet the following criteria:

  • Holding onto one of the following work passes (Employment Pass, Personalised Employment Pass, S Pass or Entrepreneur Pass)
  • Be able to present at least 6 months of payslips as a minimum criterion, all of which were earned in Singapore

Spouse, Children & Aged Parents

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An alternative scheme to the PTS scheme is that for spouses, children and aged parents. To qualify under this scheme, you must fit under one of the following criteria:

  • A spouse of a Singaporean citizen or Singaporean PR
  • An unmarried child of a Singaporean citizen or Singaporean PR who is below 21 years of age
  • Be an aged parent of a Singaporean citizen

Low Approval Rates

The matter of low approval rates for Singapore PR applications is widely discussed amongst the expat community. This is due to the stringent criteria as well as the overwhelming yearly demand for PR status. If you intend to apply Singapore PR, then you should be aware of the following themes that your case will be judged on:

  • Formal educational background
  • Employment history as well as vocation upskilling
  • Financial records
  • Community involvement including that of local voluntarism
  • Existing family ties in Singapore

What Happens if you are Rejected

If your application has been rejected, do not be too disheartened. You could choose to immediately appeal against the verdict or opt to wait for 6 months before reapplying for Singapore PR. More importantly, you can also use this period to evaluate the merits or weaknesses of your application. Based on the holes in your case, actions can be taken on your part to help close them and ensure that your next application would stand a better chance of being approved.

Engaging First Immigrations as your PR Application Agency

First Immigrations is the leading PR application consultant in Singapore. Having been in the industry for many years, we truly understand the frustration of foreigners applying for PR status. From past cases, we have found that 90% of all applicants who were rejected had errors in their application.

When you apply for Singapore PR with us, we give you a realistic evaluation of your current chance of success before telling you the required steps needed to improve your odds. We take special care to ensure that your application is not only error free, but also correctly angled to demonstrate the desired traits under the PR application program.

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