Benefits And Responsibilities Of Singapore PR

Benefits And Responsibilities Of Singapore PR


Many people from different countries dream of becoming permanent residents in Singapore, not only because of the country’s high standard of living but also because there are many Singapore PR benefits they can expect to enjoy.

Upon obtaining a permanent resident status, an individual receives their Blue Card and becomes entitled to the following privileges:

  • No visa restrictions. A permanent resident is entitled to unrestricted stay in Singapore. They also have the right to leave and re-enter the country as they please, so they can freely travel overseas and return without issues.
  • More job opportunities. A Singapore permanent resident can switch jobs whenever they wish without the hassle of applying for a new work visa or the risk of having to leave the country should the Employment Pass application be rejected. They are also likely to find work more easily and can even have more than one part-time job.
  • Business opportunities. Permanents residents are allowed to start their own business, which means that they can become financially independent and competitive.
  • More options in buying property. While only Singapore citizens are allowed to purchase new government HDB units, permanent residents can buy second-hand ones and they can also buy and sell property.
  • Benefits of Central Provident Fund. Permanent residents and their employers are required to take part in the CPF scheme. While the comprehensive savings plan and pension fund deducts monthly contributions from the salary of working individuals, it also provides them with financial assistance for home-ownership, investments, education, health care, retirement, among others.
  • Ability to sponsor immediate family members. The spouse of a permanent resident as well as their unmarried children below 21 years old are eligible to apply for the same status.
  • Public School Priority. School-age children of citizens and permanent residents are on top of the priority list in terms of education; thus, parents who are PRs have more choices on which public school to send their kids.
  • Financial benefits. Permanent residents can enjoy certain tax benefits and it is easier for them to apply for a housing loan or other financial assistance. Also, the cost of medical services, childcare, tuition fees, and use of public libraries and government sports facilities are considerably lower than those for foreigners.
  • Possibility of becoming a Singapore citizen. A few years down the line, a Singapore permanent resident can apply for citizenship should they wish to do so. They will receive a Singapore passport along with other benefits exclusive to citizens.

Permanent residents enjoy these benefits but, in exchange, they are also expected to contribute to the country. Among their responsibilities and obligations are:

  • Enlistment Act. Upon reaching the age of 16 1/2 years, male second-generation permanent residents (sons sponsored by their Singapore PR parents) are required by the government to enlist in National Service. They will undergo fitness and medical examinations and, if found fit, will serve in the armed forces, civil defense, or the police force for two years. After completion of the full-time service, they will then be considered operationally ready. Those who refuse to serve will be charged.
  • Contribution to CPF. As mentioned earlier, permanent residents are required to contribute to the pension fund. They also need to pay premiums for MediShield Life to enjoy medical insurance benefits at public clinics and hospitals.

Of course, it goes without saying that people living in Singapore — whether they are citizens, expats, or permanent residents — are expected to abide by the country’s laws and to exercise responsibility.

If you think that it is time to get a residency in Singapore because of the benefits listed above given by Singapore to its permanent residents, then we at First Immigrations is your partner in your PR applicatiion. We can guide you so you can increase the chances of getting your PR application approved. Read our article on “Why a Consultation Process is Important Before Applying for PR in Singapore.” Better yet, call us +65 6850 5087 or send an email to to find out how we can assist you.

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