Tips For Applying To Get Singapore PR

Tips For Applying To Get Singapore PR

Tips for Applying to Get Singapore PR

Have you recently made a decision to apply for a permanent residency status in Singapore? Do you want to know the tips and tricks on how to get Singapore PR the fastest way possible? Are you trying to ensure that you will get an approval for your application? This article will discuss the several things that you can take into consideration so that you can get an approval from the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority of the country. The application process may be complicated or complex, but with the right steps to follow, you can get it done right away.

The first thing that you need to look into is the preparation of the necessary papers and documents. You have to submit an application form to the ICA. It must contain a recent photo of you that was taken in the last three months. The form must be accompanied by a birth certificate. If you are married, then you are also required to submit a marriage certificate. All these are mandatory for identification purposes. Take note that the documents must be in the English language or at least coupled with an English translation if the same is written in a foreign language.

The application form can be downloaded online. After completing the form, the next thing you need to do is to secure an appointment through the ICA’s website. Make sure that you show up on your scheduled date. Never cancel your PR application just because you are not available on the date of appointment. This will have an adverse effect on your Singapore PR application. The same rule must be observed during the date of interview with the ICA. Always show up on time to avoid any problems with your application.

If you are already at the office of the ICA, it is highly recommended that you avoid from asking too many questions to the staff. This can cause irritation on the part of the agents of the ICA who will be responsible in looking into your application. As much as possible, try to research about your questions online. There are several articles available on various sites that may contain the answers to your questions. You can also talk to a professional expert before you go to the ICA office. By doing so, there is a lower chance that you will bombard the staff with unnecessary questions.

With respect to the interview, one important tip that you need to know is that it is important to be honest all the time. Do not try or attempt to lie in front of your interviewer. Any material information must be provided to the ICA in order to fast track your application process. Take note that your answers to the interview can determine whether or not your application must be approved. To earn more confidence during the interview, it is highly advisable to read facts and trivia about Singapore. The interviewer may ask questions that concern Singaporean history and other related facts. The goal for you is to have the capacity to answer these questions.

All those enumerated above are just simple tips that can guide you during the application. Follow them so that you can finally reach your dream. The application process may take up to three months or longer depending on the attending circumstances of each case.

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