Is Getting PR in Singapore Easy?

Is Getting PR in Singapore Easy?


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90% of Singapore PR Applications are Rejected

Getting permanent resident (PR) status in Singapore is an uphill task, with 90% of all applications being rejected. If only 1 in 10 applicants are successful, does that mean you should give up? The answer is of course a no, instead with proper research, understanding and guidance, you stand a great chance of being granted PR status.

Before we get into the details of Singapore PR applications, you need to first understand why exactly the rejection rate is so high.

The Perks of Being a Permanent Resident (PR) in Singapore

If you are an expat new to Singapore, then firstly welcome to our beautiful country. As you settle down and socialize with the community, you would naturally come across numerous PRs. In fact, according to the Department of Statistics Singapore, there were 522,347 Singapore PR holders in 2018. The status of PR in Singapore is highly coveted by expats who are keen to live here on a long-term basis and even to raise a family.

The most well-known benefits include:

(1) The ability to live, enter and leave Singapore without the need to request for separate travel and work visas.

(2) Possibility of applying for PR for your spouse and unmarried children who are under the age of 21.

(3) Availability of long-stay visa for your parents

(4) Freedom to change jobs without having to re-apply for a work permit

(5) Enjoy Central Provident Fund (CPF) contributions from your employer. This enables you to reap numerous financial benefits.

(6) Get a higher priority for various loans (e.g. housing loan)

(7) Eligibility to apply for Singapore citizenship once you have stayed in Singapore for a number of years

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Singapore PR Was Easy to Attain in the Past

In the past, getting PR status was a relatively easy task. Singapore is a country whose origins lie in immigration and diversity. Tolerance for differences, racial equality and religious freedom are strongly practiced in the country. Consequently, little to no racism or bias is observed against foreigners. Furthermore, English is the language of business, which allows most foreigners to quickly acclimatize to their environment.

However, in recent years, PR applications have been rejected with increasing frequency.

Are PRs Less Welcomed in Recent Years?

The 2011 General Election in Singapore saw opposition political parties make landmark election gains against the ruling People’s Action Party. Chief among the concerns of the voting population was the perceived overwhelming importation of foreign talent. In response, the government has tightened the regulations that govern the inflow of immigrants.

This does not mean that Singaporeans are unwelcoming or at all hostile towards foreigners. Recent studies have found that the unhappiness stemmed from: (1) a perceived large influx in immigrations, (2) erosion in Singaporean culture, (3) increase in prices and (4) loss of jobs. Outside of these factors, Singaporeans largely remain welcoming to foreigners, recognizing the value in their differences.

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How the Government Has Responded

The Singapore government has long used the importation of foreign talent to subsidize for the country’s relatively low birth rates, increase productivity in companies and thus sustain strong economic growth. Having been challenged by Singaporeans’ concerns over immigration, the government has sought to strike a better balance between economic growth and social issues.

Rather than strictly restricting the quota of immigrations in a given time period, they have modified the criteria of the application. Unlike in previous years, solely having good education certificates and a record of long stay in country are no longer enough for success. Instead, new key performance indicators that now must be met include a demonstration of how the individual has fitted into Singapore’s society and their ability to contribute back to it.

What Applicants Now Need to Demonstrate

You should plan in advance before apply Singapore PR. This includes fully immersing yourself in the daily lives of Singaporeans. Be it going for meals at the hawker center with your colleagues, exploring the many green spaces with your family or attending various community events. The collection of experiences would give you insights into our society which you can then in turn convey to the authorities during the application.

Additionally, you should make time and effort for charity works. Current and past contributions to the different in-need segments of Singapore’s society acts as a proxy for your willingness and ability to contribute to nation progress. This measure cannot be underestimated as the government is currently only keen to have on board productive and cooperative individuals.

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The Result of the Changes to PR Regulations

By placing additional criteria on the PR application process, the Singapore government hopes to recruit better talent that will help to keep the economy humming along, while also improving the balance in society. Singaporeans have by and large accepted the changes and remain welcoming to their foreign counterparts.

The new changes do however pose a tricky challenge for hopeful applicants. Public guidance for fulfilling the various criteria can be vague at times. Consequently, many applicants are rejected due to the non-compliance of the process or an inability to demonstrate the required traits.

To avoid such complications, you should look to engage a PR specialist to review your application before submission.

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The Advantages of Hiring First Immigrations as your PR Application Agency

First Immigrations is the leading PR application consultant in Singapore. Having been in the industry for many years, we truly understand the frustration of foreigners applying for PR status. In fact, 30% of all applicants give up on attaining PR after their first rejection. Additionally, after further review, we have found that 90% of all applicants who were rejected had errors in their application.

When you apply PR Singapore with us, we give you a realistic evaluation of your current chance of success before telling you the required steps needed to improve your odds. We take special care to ensure that your application is not only error free, but also correctly angled to demonstrate the desired traits under the PR application program.

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