How To Get Singapore PR Approved

How To Get Singapore PR Approved


Singapore is one of the most sought countries in Asia for people who seek employment and live in. Not only does Singapore serves as a gateway in (information technology, financial services, service sector, tourism & travel) Singapore also has proven its name in the world in serving a desirable way of life for the public (foreigners, visitors, locals).

Recently, a working foreigner in Singapore who wanted to stay and live in Singapore on a permanent basis is very concerned on whether his Singapore PR application will be approved. With a tighter criteria set by the ICA and with all the good profiles applying to get their PR approved also, most of the time, you are left with doubts and questions whether it is the right time for you to apply for Singapore PR. Perhaps you have fulfilled some of the criteria that Singapore ICA is looking for in a Singapore Permanent Resident, however you miss to highlight this part of your profile.

There are a few factors that affect a Singapore PR application, it can be a length of stay in Singapore, age, educational background, financial stability, industry, salary, current job position, community involvement, quota set by the Singapore government, etc.

A person looking to apply for Singapore PR should take another look at his current profile. Perhaps, talking to the right people might help you determine and highlight important aspects of your profile and you might just get your first or next Singapore PR application approved.

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