Common Mistakes Made In Singapore PR Applications Infographic

Common Mistakes Made In Singapore PR Applications Infographic

Apply PR Singapore Common Mistakes

Interested to learn more about the common mistakes listed in this article? Read our full blog post:

Common mistakes made in Singapore PR Applications

Avoid The Common Mistakes That Applicants Make During PR Singapore Applications

The application process for Singapore PR can be tricky for first timers. Indeed, as a first time applicant, you may receive a rejected application while being unsure as to why you were rejected. In fact, in our experience, many first timers make the same mistakes. These include:

  • Submitting their application form with errors
  • Having differences in details between their application form and the requested official documents
  • Failing to submit the requested official documents according to the guidelines specified by the authorities
  • Choosing the wrong options during the application due to perceived ambiguity
  • Online sessions timing out for applicants who apply for PR online
  • Being unsure of whether to apply for their family or solely for themselves
  • Being unable to express their strengths or ability to meet the criteria

Engaging First Immigrations as your PR Application Agency

First Immigrations is the leading PR application consultant in Singapore. Having been in the industry for many years, we truly understand the frustration of foreigners applying for PR status. From past cases, we have found that 90% of all applicants who were rejected had errors in their application.

When you apply Singapore PR with us, we give you a realistic evaluation of your current chance of success before telling you the required steps needed to improve your odds. We take special care to ensure that your application is not only error free, but also correctly angled to demonstrate the desired traits under the PR application program.

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